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Why Use a Patient Advocate?

The US Healthcare system is confusing even for medical providers. As a patient with no medical experience or knowledge of healthcare processes, the system is even more of a headache. A patient experiencing any medical condition may be required to navigate multiple treatment options, frequent appointments, diagnostic tests, new medications, and insurance complications. All of this is overwhelming and adds unnecessary stress to the situation.

In addition, the healthcare system is currently overloaded, with patients greatly outnumbering medical staff. Due to this issue, doctors and other healthcare providers are often hurried. High daily patient load and insurance requirements are almost guaranteed to result in a rushed visit to the detriment of the patient. Consequently, few patients ever get everything they need from a provider. Healthcare providers are not to blame – they are doing their best to provide adequate care with limited resources. Because of this situation, the need for patient advocates is at an all-time high.

Advocates provide a range of services that include monitoring patient visits, procedures, and medications for medical errors; scheduling doctor appointments; finding a healthcare provider; providing patients the right information to encourage good decision-making; and addressing various health insurance obstacles.

Graphic: Why use a patient advocate?
Why Use a Patient Advocate?


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