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How Patient Advocacy Benefits Medical Providers

Providers may be hesitant about patient advocates, and understandably so. There is a fear that they will be second-guessed and criticized. However, this could not be further from the truth. Here’s what medical providers have to say about patient advocates after working with them:

“What I learned about patient advocates is that they are boots-on-the-ground with my patients. They make sure the patients understand their medical situations, making them far more adherent with treatment.”

“Having a second set of eyes on the diagnoses, lab results, and treatment plans is a weight lifted off my shoulders. Having the advocate communicate with the patient and help coordinate their care makes my job a lot easier. I no longer have to focus on the nitty-gritty of healthcare logistics – I can focus solely on helping my patient.”

And what a patient advocate has to say about medical providers:

“My firm has been contacted twice in the past three weeks from physician offices seeking advocacy for their patients. To their credit, the physicians see the need for personalized care beyond the examining table and in both cases turned to Google to find a solution for their patients. Partnering up with doctors is a triple-play win (patient, physician and advocate) and a telling sign of how the landscape is changing in medicine.”

Referring patients to Hope Health Advocacy (HHA) is the first step in giving peace of mind to both your patients and your practice. HHA is committed to providing world-class care that ensures satisfaction for all parties involved.

For real-life case studies, navigate here: How a Patient Advocate Can Help

Descriptive image: how patient advocacy benefits medical providers
How Patient Advocacy Benefits Medical Providers

Some information above was adapted from the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates Blog.


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