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From Pharmacist to Patient Advocate

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I have been a licensed pharmacist since 2001. Through the years, I desperately tried to find an employer which puts patients over profits. I did not become a pharmacist to make money for mega-pharmacy corporations. I became a pharmacist because I genuinely wanted to help people.

In 2016, I witnessed our broken healthcare system firsthand when my uncle suffered two strokes which changed his life forever. My medical & pharmacy experience, along with my natural willingness to help others, propelled me to take an active role in his care. I made frequent visits to the hospital, reviewed medical charts, and addressed medication issues. To ensure my loved one was being heard, I consistently communicated with his various medical professionals. As new needs arise, I continue to advocate for my uncle and give him the hope and peace of mind he deserves.

This event helped me discover my true passion and revealed the enormous need for patient advocacy. Navigating the healthcare continuum can be both daunting and frustrating. I believe no healthcare patient should walk the journey alone. A patient advocate should walk with them, while breaking down barriers, restoring hope, and optimizing patient outcomes.

After discovering what patient advocacy is, I was immediately drawn to the field. I knew that with my 20+ years of experience in multiple practice settings, I would be an excellent advocate because I understand the healthcare system and want to make a difference in peoples’ lives. After working for many companies who value profit over patients, patient advocacy is a breath of fresh air.

From Pharmacist to Patient Advocate
From Pharmacist to Patient Advocate


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